We bring a wealth of skills and experience from a wide range of backgrounDs

Our Mission

Making highly entertaining games is our mission. While covering a range of genres, our focus has been the creation of vivid action experiences placed in athmospheric, richly crafted worlds - upholding high quality standards across a variety of different platforms.

The Creators

Alex Perevosnikov
Elena Kuznetsova
Associate Art Director
Julia Bolbas
Head of HR
Vadim Alexeev
Project Manager
Andrey Subbotko
Lead 3D Artist
Alisa Akifeva
Head of Marketing and PR
Irina Oreshok
Rigger & Animator
Mikhail Vashchenko
Game Designer
Iliya Filipyonok
Cinematic Director
Othman Elbahraoui
Realtime Environment Artist
Eugene Bezgin
Motion designer
Mod Ratchata
Elizaveta Ivanova
3D artist
Alisa Filyushina
Concept Artist
Anna Useinova
3D Artist
Timofei Panin
3D Artist
Anton Erzikov
Concept Artist

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